Historias de Exito en tinnitus - The Mindbody Prescription

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Historias de Exito en tinnitus - The Mindbody Prescription

Notapor Mauricio » Mié Mar 20, 2013 3:51 am

Hace unos dias encontre en internet un libro llamado The Mindbody Prescription de John Sarno.

http://www.amazon.com/Mindbody-Prescription-Healing-Body-Pain/dp/0446675156 - Vean las calificaciones. Lo pueden encontrar facil para bajar en internet.

Habla de enfermedades psicosomaticas producidas por emociones reprimidas. La teoria es que el cuerpo genera dolencias psicosomaticas para distraerlo a uno y asi evitar que esas emociones reprimidas salgan a la luz. Todavia no lei el libro entero pero me parece muy interesante.

Lo mas interesante son los testimonios de MUCHAS personas con diversos problemas cronicos por muchos años (ej tendinitis, RSI- Repetitive Strain Injury) que leyendo el libro y aplicando el procedimiento que señala se han curado.

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Re: Historias de exito en tinnitus

Notapor Mauricio » Mié Mar 20, 2013 3:51 am

Hay una comunidad online sobre la obra de este doctor y aca encontre historias de exito sobre tinnitus:


Aqui un ejemplo sacado de este link:
TmsAndrew's Story
I haven't written a success story elsewhere for tinnitus (just my RSI), so I'll write it here. I used to play in a band and ended up quitting after getting sharp pains in my ear. About 3 years later I started getting pretty severe tinnitus. There would be a constant pain and discomfort, which made even concentration difficult. I went to various specialists but to no avail. I gradually started to avoid all types of music and loud noise, as this seemed to make the condition worse. Gradually it settled down to the state of just a minor background irritant (soon to be replaced by RSI!) but the stress-response to any type of music/loud noise continued. Following starting the TMS techniques I noticed an improvement in my tinnitus symptoms as well - noise which would have previously set my ears ringing, with persistent pain for days no longer had any effect. Speaking with Georgie Oldfield, she was adamant that my tinnitus had all the characteristics of a TMS symptom. At the time i found this pretty hard to accept - after all i was sure there was a physical cause (my years in a band...). And yet, I'm now sitting here listening to music again full volume - something that would have been inconceivable only a few months ago. So, i have to conclude that my tinnitus probably was just another TMS manifestation. Given as there is little else available for tinnitus sufferers I would strongly recommend this approach to all people with tinnitus - there is nothing to lose and a massive amount to gain.


Aqui otras historias de gente con dolor cronico en las manos:


Because my academic background is in mathematics, and because I am a professional computer programmer, I have a sensitive bullshit detector. If you are like I am, then my story might trigger your bullshit detector because:

1-The term "mindbody" sounds like unscientific new age nonsense.
2- It contradicts conventional wisdom about RSI and carpal tunnel syndrome.
3- It sounds too good to be true.
When a friend first suggested the book to me, I dismissed it as bullshit. To my surprise, the TMP book was rigorously scientific, providing a compelling case based on laboratory and clinical evidence. Of course, that the self-cure procedure worked for me was the most convincing part.

Pueden buscar historias de exito de distintas dolencias cronicas aca:


Lo voy a leer entero al libro y les cuento que me resulto a mi.

Animo a cualquiera que tenga un dolor o padecimiento cronico sin resolver que le preste atencion a este libro y me cuentan.
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